Mission Statement:  Promote the dissemination of information to and education of the public in the prevention of human-caused wildfires in the state of Oregon.

Defensible Space

Thousands of Oregonians live in the wildland/urban interface or those areas where the homes are inter-mixed with the forest.

Here are some tips to plan and protect your home from a wildfire…….Learn More

Many Oregonians burn their backyard debris in piles or in burn barrels.

Tips to prevent your debris burn from becoming Oregon's next wildfire…….Learn More

Debris burning

Oregonians love the great outdoors, and no matter what the recreational activity, sitting around a campfire is one of the special times we all enjoy.

Tips to prevent your campfire from becoming Oregon's next wildfire…….Learn More

Campfire safety

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Depending on where you are in Oregon and that area’s fire environment, public use restrictions may be in effect and limit certain activities that commonly start wildfires. Courtesy of the Oregon Department of Forestry, this map link provides the latest information on public and industrial fire restrictions.

Metal blades against rock can spark a wildfire. Where permitted, limit mowing to the early morning hours when the humidity is high and the temperature is low.

Outdoor debris burning is closed.

Due to extreme fire danger, campfire bans are in place across state, federal and private land ownerships.

Our state is tinder-dry and we cannot afford one more fire on our landscape.

Please consult the public use restrictions map above before you work or play in Oregon’s outdoors.

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